House of worship for all people!

Our History

Today, as one of the fastest growing Christian Protestant churches, approximately 18 million baptized Seventh-day Adventist members live in 204 countries of the world. This includes nearly 1.2 million in North America.

The year was 1986. The Christian Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church was moving forward in faith, Pastor James LaMar was at the helm and church members were on fire for Jesus Christ. The thrust for the year was evangelism; directed by the Holy Spirit in response to God’s command in Mark 16:15 – “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” The groundwork was laid as early as January; focusing on a summer evangelistic drive.

Under Pastor LaMar’s leadership, The Soul Winning Action Team (SWAT) was activated; teams of SWAT members were deployed and the battle began. There was a tent effort at 426 Empire Boulevard, Brooklyn New York in July and August of 1986. When the dust settled 53 precious souls surrendered to the Lord and were baptized. At that same address, a mission was started which was later named the Cornerstone Seventh-day Adventist Church.

This was just the beginning, Pastor LaMar and the “Fabulous Seven” (seven key church leaders at the time) began working for Jesus and this little church began to bear much more fruit, membership grew steadily and in just seven years they were bursting at the seams, their first thought was to expand their location but that was not possible so they went seeking for a new home. On March 23 1993 their new home at 138 Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn New York was purchased and since then they have been worshiping at this corner, serving the Lord and their community.

They have grown even more, have a membership in the hundreds and their church is now full, Cornerstone has seen many upgrades in many areas, church building, community services, technology, they even have their own multi-purpose/banquet hall and they are now expanding their sanctuary just to name a few. Through all this growth, however, their community was never ignored they have set up a very active Community Services department with a soup kitchen where the community is fed hot, savory, nutritious, well prepared meals every Sunday and their pantry distributions continue each Thursday.

They have distributed over one million meals and pantry products since its inception. They have also reached out with their annual health fairs and many other community based programs and events. Their community based efforts are not limited to the aforementioned, they have had several evangelistic efforts in their history and just last summer, they had yet another where over thirty new members joined the church family, evangelism is key and their goal is to reach as many souls for Jesus Christ.

Looking forward the Cornerstone Seventh-day Adventist Church is at a pivotal point and has a resolve to be even more involved so they can reach even more souls for Christ, their plan to expand is underway as various departments huddle to be a part of this grand movement for the future success of the church.

Cornerstone is a friendly and inviting church where everyone knows just about everyone else. On entering for Sabbath services you will be greeted at the door and there is a team of ushers who will welcome you and pray with you. After worship services lunch is served where everyone gathers in the Fellowship Hall to have a “family meal” together like one big family; it’s little surprise they are called “The church with a heart for people”.
An invitation is extended to just about anyone who would like to be a part of this awesome, inspiring experience.

See you soon!